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Reformed Fortress Church

Sfântu Gheorghe

To the north of the town's Old Market - today's Calvin Square - on the edge of a salient terrace, stands the city's only remaining medieval monuments, the fortified church. The former followers of the Catholic Church converted into the Lutheran faith in the mid-16th century. Between 1570 and 1622, the church was a Unitarian congregation, and then from 1622 onwards, it was Reformed.

Today, there is only one egg shaped wall surrounding the church and it is articulated with pitch casts and bastions. Above the entrance of the encircling wall, there is a belfry. The church is an open space, in the shrine part with a gothic nave, with a flat ceiling in the nave and chancel on the, eastern and western side. From the 16th century, the church was encircled by a double-walled protective shield. It’s dismantled outer wall, which is still in its original height on the south and east sides on the photo made by Balázs Orbán, its base can be traced even today. The inner wall of the protective system was unusually high. The west and south sides of its wall ring were strengthened by the so-called “external towers. The western tower is still standing it was restored in 1980.

Over the entrance, on the southern side, in the place of the old gatehouse, the belfry stands today. Its freestone walls are tapered upwards; its outer walls are supported by wide buttresses ending in crowning ledges. The defence structure of the castle wall, with wall plates referring to the former battle stance, and with its obliquely opening pitch casts and crenels is very similar to the other fortified 15-16 century churches in the area.