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Reformed Church


In Erdővidék, laying under Várbükk the Protestant church of the village, known for its mineral springs, is a valuable monument. The church obtained its present for after multiple extensions in 1897. The bell tower’s construction began in 1783 and it has been restructured several times. The tower has a very precious bell. It was moulded by János Kiss Sen in 1797 in Sepsiszentgyörgy in his workshop in Olt street. In 1848, he was a co-worker of Áron Gábor in Szentgyörgy at the casting of his cannons.

In the 1970s, on the northern wall of the church, underneath the lime layers they uncovered a mural depicting the famous scenes of the Saint László legend. Experts dated its origins back to the 14th century or early 15th century. The restoration was performed in 1972-73 by the artist Vígh István.