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Reformed Church

Dobolii de Sus

Háromszék has two settlements called Doboly. Aldoboly and Feldoboly are not two neighbouring villages, the former lying on the south-western edge of Sepsiszék in the Olt valley, the latter is right of the road between Nagyborosnyó and Zágon, lying at the bottom of Telekhegy. The side of the mountain towering over the village is covered with pine trees planted in memory of the thousand year existence of Hungary.

The name of Feldoboly was already mentioned in documents in 1461 as Doboijl. There is no data of its medieval church. The protestant church gained its present for in 1773. This date is readable on the baroque curved pediment of the southern churchyard. The domed bell tower was built later. The renaissance bell, the so called Bartha’s little bell in it was cast in 1693. The church is unique in the county for its baroque high-rise painted cassette ceiling made in 1768.

Artisan József Szendrei made the generally popular cassette here from a single piece, to which he attached bent and pointed stucco decorations.