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Reformed Church


Lisznyó lies east of Uzon, in the southern foothills of the Várhegy. In the centre of the settlement, in the place of the Protestant church, there was a medieval church, but it was rebuilt in the 1500s. It was later modified twice, most recently in 1804 in a way, that it lost its old style. A renovation in 1913 revealed the Gothic monstrance niche and a stone monument from 1622.

The church is surrounded by a circular stone fence. The bell tower is built on its entrance. The inscription “Jákó Pál 1834”on the stone slab built in its base is likely to indicate the construction of today's baroque steepled tower. At the top of the tower button are the elements of the Székely coat of arms: the gilded Sun and Half Moon are visible. On the ball ornament are the elements of the Székely crest: the gilded Sun and Half Moon. The tower features a very valuable renaissance style bell decorated with leaves, molded by craftsman Henrik Lampen in Brassó in 1693.