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Reformed Church


Between Bodok and Gidófalva, the valley of the capricious Olt river hides two small villages. Most 20th century maps only indicate one settlement in this place. This is because Sepsizoltan and Étfalva were united in 1899, and later in the Hungarian administration, Étfalvazoltan was called Zoltan in Romanian. These two villages are not joined together, as the Olt River and the meadow called Sároskert belonging to Étfalva separates them from each other.

Zoltán was introduced into the Transylvanian guidebooks thanks to the eight unlabeled painted cassettes, a baroque ornamented stone gate the Benkő manor built in 1832. In the process of preserving the monumental heritage of Háromszék, the 2010 reconstruction of the baroque gate of the former Czirjék mansion was a milestone, since the abandoned, perishing built legacy has long been a symbol of value degradation in public consciousness. Today, however, it has become a symbol of renewal.