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Although there are no settlements in the county, such as the village Siménfalva in Udvarhelyszék, where at least half of the population is adept at basketry, but the art of basketry is treasured in several villages of Háromszék as well. Baskets are not only needed in villages, but in town households too. In villages, baskets are mainly needed for carrying firewood, or when harvesting mushrooms or picking forest fruit, in towns, people mainly use baskets for shopping. The raw material for baskets is found in the fields and in the woods.

In Háromszék, two kinds of basket are made: flanged basket and osier baskets. The flanged baskets are made of split hazel twigs and they are very light. These are harder to make and more time consuming than the osier baskets. The latter are heavier before they dry, but are quicker and easier to make. These are made from rough osier or plain willow twigs. Their base and shape is round.

The vertebrae is made so that two equally strong branches are to be stacked in the size of the bottom, they have to be tied together. The twigs are stuck here, and then folded upwards. This is followed by the wicker. Finally, they crop the protruding parts to gain the final shape of the basket.