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Gingerbread baking

Târgu Secuiesc

In Kézdivásárhely making gingerbread did not have its own guild, as the craft was only practised in people’s homes. The traditional Székely cake, also called Kézdivásárhelyi cake, made from rye flour and honey and seasoned with anise. The manufacturing of the brown cake here ceased at the end of the 70s.

Jakab Hahn, a gingerbread master of Swabian origin from Temesvár, settled in the town in the early 20th century. He introduced the fancy cakes made from wheat flour with sugar, honey, flavoured with anise, decorated with icing, tinfoil, mirror, pictures and poems. Many people learned his skill, including elderly Kósa Sándor, whose family sold gingerbread and candy in fairgrounds in the area for six decades before 2003.

After the family stopped making gingerbread, the craft is continued by Gábor Farkas, a local confectioner and his family. Using traditional materials preserving the old design in compliance with today's tastes has gained recognition in the trade and fairs. Their products are sought after not only Székely region, but also around the world.