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Watermill / mill garden

Cernatu de Sus

A beautiful example of cultural value rescue from Three Chairs is the renovation of the Virág (Flower) mill from Cernatu de Sus. The unused and reconstructed mill was bought in 2013 by Mára Social and Cultural Association from Three Chairs and it was renovated with the help of the Covasna County Council.

The mill-lead was cleaned by the locals in communal work and since then it is kept in order with voluntary work. When the millstone, unused for a long time, had to be sharpened, it wasn’t necessary to bring a craftsman from abroad, because there are locals who still know how to do it. The renovated mill and the garden are currently administrated by the Holnap Social Association. Three old chalets and a barn were settled in the mill garden. One of the houses with its old furniture, was a gift from Mereni, the other two (Anna and Lea house) were bought from Lunga.

The barn is from Ghelinţa. The bakehouse has a unique, reminiscent atmosphere, where the homemade potato bread and kurtoshkalach are baked for the arriving guests. The houses installed in the mill garden have a practical function: from May until October, camps for the socially vulnerable children are organized here, but in the free period the chalets can be rented.