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Bread baking

Cernatu de Sus

The Szeklers are consuming bread even with soup.

The real homemade potato bread is baked in a wood fired oven. In our villages, many housekeepers still bake bread weekly, on festive occasions they make also milk loaves and kürtőskalács.

There are some settlements in Three Chairs region (e.g. Sântionlunca, Ozun and Cernat) where the housewives bake bread not only for their personal needs but also for sale. In such places the bread is exposed in booths, built on the side of the road.

The bread baking is an exhausting job. The housewives boil the potatoes in their jackets then peel, crush and mush it together with the ferment. When it rises, they add the flour, the water and the salt. The length of the kneading is usually 1 hour. At the same time the oven is heated, which normally will be suitable for baking in 2 hours. After kneading, the dough it’s left in a warm place for 1 hour to rise, then it’s teared up and put in the oven with a wooden peel, where it will bake for about 2 hours. The well baked homemade bread is taken out of the oven and after they cool off for a short time, it will be tapped with a wooden peel or knife so that the thick black crust falls off.  Stored in a cool place, the bread remains tasty even after a week.