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Furrier`s workshop

Sfântu Gheorghe

At 33 Ciucului Street, Sfântu Gheorghe, a trilingual (Hungarian, Romanian, German) signboard shows us that a furrier’s workshop is functioning in the backyard. Császár Gábor is a third generation furrier. His grandfather had a furrier workshop at 18 Kós Károly Street, and was the master of the vicinal furriers. Fodor Béla, animal trophy maker from Bodoc, Bodosi Lajos, Köntés Ferenc and Czintos Ferenc fine fur manufacturers from Sfântu Gheorghe, also learned from him. Szotyori Ilona was mentioned as the queen of the fur hats. Other big names in the trade are: Szilágyi János, Szilágyi István and Szakács Gábor.

Császár Gábor finished the professional school in Iaşi and took the master exam at the Szilágyi brothers because it wasn’t allowed to take the exam at relatives. Assisted by his wife, he does everything from maturation to tailoring, in his workshop. He proudly declares that from snakeskin to lions, zebras, he worked with all kinds of animal skin and fur. Nowadays he modifies mostly fur coats but he makes caps, vests, gloves, fur bed sheets for orders. He is not going to markets and trade fairs because his products are bought from his house.

The more frequently used utensils in the workshop are: the fleshing-knife, the pliers, the fur sewing machine, the leather cutting machine and the leather polishing machine.

Császár Gábor is a master who loves his profession and instead of complaining he always says: “God, do not give me money, give me work!”