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The saddler’s workshop from Baraolt has a good reputation not only in Timberland but in the whole country. In 1973 Kádár Béla started apprenticeship beside master Pózna Dávid from Baraolt, and after learning the basics of the trade he worked in the Crafts Cooperative.

In the early 1990’s he opened his own workshop. Since then, he makes primarily horse harnesses and leather goods (pocketknife cases, man’s and woman’s handbags, belts). He also makes saddles if he has orders. He purchases the leather at the curriery from Braşov.

His most important tools are: sewing table, tailoring tools (crescent knife, flat knife, and billhook), stitching awls with different sizes, compass, tailor machine and leather thinner. He goes to fairs regularly with his products and keeps presentations because he believes that it is important for the people to know that traditional artisan’s still exists. His orders exceed the county boundary; his products can be ordered on the internet so it reaches to the whole country. His most important help is his son Béla, who learned every trick of the trade.