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Wooden Belfry


Eremieni lies in the valley of the confluence of the brook Baraolt and Amé, located at 2,5km distance from the county road 135.

The name of the village was first recorded in 1332 as S. Emericus in the Papal Registers. In 1566 as Zentymreh, and in 1567 appears in written documents as Zent Imreh.

The church was built on the nearby hill in the 13th century, by the inhabitants settled in the village, in honor of Duke St. Imre, son of King Istvan I. Balázs Orbán found the Gothic monument in good condition in the 1860s.He could still see the high-pitched triumphal arch of the sanctuary and the coffered ceiling replacing the old vault of the ship with the same width as the sanctuary. The coffers were decorated with flowers, saints, biblical and historical portraits. In spite of the minor or major transformations that have taken place over the centuries, the church has retained its former style. Instead of the lierne vault of the nave, they made a stucco, dismantled the triumphal vault, and windows were cut into the wall, but the church interior retained a little of its medieval mood. The sounding board (abat-voix) was made in 1758. The church has a pipe organ from 1820.

Next to the ancient church – according to the year carved into one of the beams of the ramp – the belfry was completed in 1785.