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Unitarian Church


The settlement, which belongs to Sepsiszentgyörgy from administrative point of view, was mentioned as Kylien in the papal register in 1332. Its name supposedly comes from that of Saint Kilian. The first church of the settlement was built in Romanesque style; it was completed with Gothic elements at the end of the 15th century. The former Catholic, later Unitarian church is one of the most significant monuments in Sepsiszék. As for the stylistic elements that decorate the building, their great majority is represented by Gothic ones: the multi-angled sanctuary, the exquisitely reinforced system of pillars as well as the windows with rich and varied stone-work.

The southern Gothic gate, framed by stone, dates back to 1497. Both the external and internal parts of the church are decorated by valuable wall paintings. On the northern wall of the church there is a detailed sequence of the Legend of Szent László, which presents a famous chase. On the left side there is another sequence presenting the Hungarian and Kuhn armies while fighting against each other. Visitors can remark the figure of the Kuhn soldier that is kidnapping a maiden as well as the glorious character of László chasing the kidnapper.

On the southern wall there is the wall painting that represents Doomsday, on which the best conserved figures are those of the apostles. Under it visitors can see the wall painting of the Caped Madonna. On the western wall there is another sequence that presents Jesus Christ’s persiflage and his coronation with a crown made of thorns. On the external wall visitors can see the sequence of the wedding in Kanaan.