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Saint Michael Church


In the northeastern part of Felső Háromszék, on the top of Saint Michael hill stretching onto the plateau located between Lemhény and Kézdialmás, there is a fortress church surrounded by high walls. It was built to be used by two neighboring villages, and, as both villages had their own separate church, it was used only for celebrations of higher importance.

The church having no tower and only one nave, located in the middle of the courtyard, surrounded by oval-shaped walls, was constructed at the end of the 15th century or the beginning of the 16th century in the place where an older church stood formerly. The Gothic building had been rebuilt for several times during the following centuries, but some stylistic elements dating back to the centuries mentioned have survived such as the stones covering the external buttresses of the walls, and the carved gallery of the base. The inscription of the triumphal arch -„Olimu erat Scriptum 1510”-   also dates back to this period.

The most important process of reconstruction took place in 1777. Ever since then, the church has preserved its Baroque form.

The bell tower located on the eastern side of the wall was crowned with a Baroque dome. The wall is reinforced with multi-leveled towers on its northern and southern parts. In the wall, there are holes placed in its lower part, which open from the inside. In fact, the wall of the fortress might have been built prior to the Baroque reconstruction in 1777.