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Saint Michael Orthodox Church


The settlement lying in the valley located northeast off Bodzaforduló used to belong to Zágon until 1920. Today it is a community center to which the neighboring Ladóc and Salamás also belong. The first inhabitants were settled in the area by the Szentkereszty family between 1712 and 1720. Thanks to the extended forests of the region, a glass furnace was made in Bárkány in 1847, whose presence attracted lots of workers into the area. This furnace operated until 1886. Some interesting news was published in the Gazeta Transilvaniei newspaper (4th February 1899), according to which Ioan Dima, Greek Catholic priest from Szitabodza and landowner Nicolae Rusu bought count Mikes Benedek`s property named Bárkány for the amount of 110.000 forints, with the furnace constructed on it as well.

From ecclesiastic point of view Bárkány used to be an affiliate of Szitabodza until 1902, when it became independent. Fir-tree and stone was used for the construction of the present church of the village (1896-97), which is considered to be a monument. Two names are to be mentioned when speaking about the process of building: Nicolae Purcel and Dumitru Terzea. The patron saint of the church is Saint Michael.

The design of the base of the building is cross-shaped; the tower and the entire building were covered in tin. Stefan Chioreanu is the author of the wall paintings (1975); he used a technique characteristic for the Neo-Byzantium style. Some of the icons date back to the period when the church was constructed.