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Most of the vats, tubs, buckets, kegs and barrels needed in the region used to be manufactured in Harale. It may also be worthwhile mentioning that cheese was stored in the highly demanded wooden recipients called putinka (barrel) and budonka (firkin). But the craft has been strongly affected by the fact that plastic made headway against wood, outplacing most of the traditional pots and vessels from many households.

Meanwhile there were 39 registered coopers in the village at the end of the 19th century, today there are only three or four skillful craftsmen involved in the bigger-scale manufacturing of vaulted wooden vessels and recipients – amongst which the pálinka-kegs made of mulberry wood and the vaulted flower buckets sell the best.

Tibor Szőke, the cooper, is a regular participant of the handicraft fairs and exhibitions organized in Seklerland, as well as in Hungary.