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The symbol of the social and economic past of the region is the mill, the devices that use water power. Remains of several water mills can be found in the region, but few of them are still operational. More and more Székely communities admit that even a hundred years old water mills can be useful nowadays – especially as tourist attractions, as these „miraculous machines” are truly interesting and make people curious.

Tinka Mill, which was built in 1890 and is a historical monument nowadays, makes it possible for those who are interested to become acquainted with the way the machine works and with its constituent parts in order to learn the way our ancestors used the power of the Békény creek flow to spin the mill wheel and grind the wheat grain to make flour.

Tinka Mill has both historical and practical value in the present, and the latter one is actually fulfilled. Every year, the events that take place in the yard of Tinka Mill in Gheorgheni, that give every visitor the chance to cast a glance into the secrets of milling and of various traditional crafts, are a big success.