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Unitarian Fortified Church


Located only three kilometers north-east from Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe, Arcuş/Árkos was set up within the area straddled by the valleys of the two streams, the Geje and the Falu – both of the springing from the mountains in Baraolt/ Barót. The name of the settlement as Arkus was already mentioned in the papal tithing register in 1332.

The Unitarian followers are running a church that beams power and authority. Even before, in the medieval times, there used to be a church, of which round sanctuary could still be seen in the 19th century. The church was expanded in gothic style throughout the centuries, its vaulting being pulled down in the 18th century. The gothic style is now recalled by the carved stone pulpit and the tiled buttresses. The church is surrounded by a 17th century pentangular tower-wall, the corners of which are consolidated with prominent bastions. The legend goes that the last siege of the tower took place during the Turkish-Tatar invasion in 1658.

The place of the southern bastion was later taken by the onion cupola bell-tower, accomplished in 1844. Once aimed for protection, the south-western bastion is now hosting a rich ethnographic exhibition, organized by a local collectioner, Zoltán Bálinth.