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Unitarian Church


The settlement that is administratively affiliated to Valea Crişului/Sepsikőröspatak is well-known for its large variety of fruit and also for its plum pálinka. The five-hundred-year-old oak tree in the Unitarian cemetery seems to be the silent witness and the sole survivor of the former oak forest that used to cover the area of the present-day Calnic/Kálnok (also proven by names marking geographic places such as Csere-erdő and Csere-tető).

There, in the shade of the big oak-tree, the Unitarians built themselves a church with painted, boarded ceiling in the second half of the 17th century. The church has no tower but the most graceful wooden belfry of the Treiscaune/ Háromszék region is there, right next to it. The fan-tail of the belfry tells the story of skillful craftsmen who built it back in 1781.

For a distant eye, it seems to be a woman wearing a skirt. The shingle-covered eaves are meant to protect its beautiful beamed footing that holds the entire body of the tower. Above of it, we can see the belfry itself – also covered with shingle and crowned with a helmet. The bell, cast in Renaissance style by Master Johann Tartler from Braşov/Brassó, is still there to strike noon and to call to church.