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Unitarian Church


Chichiş/Kökös is situated on the south-western edge of Sepsi region, 13 km from the municipality, at the mouth of the rivers Olt and Râul Negru/Feketeügy. This settlement is regarded to be the southern gate of Seklerland as it bridges the Ţara Bârsei/ Barcaság with Trei Scaune/Háromszék region.

Amongst its four churches, the Unitarian monument church is the oldest. For a long time it was perceived to date back to the 18th century but segments of a fresco and a tabernacle were revealed from under the weathered plaster after the fire in 1954. During the exploration it was stated that – although it had undergone several sequences of rebuilding – the church was built somewhere in the late 13th or the early 14th century.

The flat, gothic door-frame sided by carved threads of honeysuckle leaves that end in rosettes, one can read the inscription „1718”. The arched portico of the church must have been built in the late 18th or maybe in the early 19th century. The interior is adorned with a coffered ceiling painted in 1970-71 by Béla Sütő, popular artist. In the cemetery, it is the old gravestones that draw the attention of any visitor.