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Roman Catholic Church


The present parish church in Sântimbru was built in 1777, when Ogival elements of an older Gothic church were integrated in the new building. This typically Baroque church preserves elements of the old church, in certain details, especially in the shrine and in the tower.

There are some very valuable mural paintings left from the old church. But the most important relic is the big winged Gothic altarpiece from the end of the 15th century, from which some elements were preserved. There eight images on its cassettes. On one side, there are four scenes from Virgin Mary’s life (The Annunciation, The Nativity, The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple and Virgin Mary’s Death), while on the other side there are scenes from the Passion of Christ (Kiss of Judas, Jesus' trial before Pilate, the crowning with thorns and carrying the cross - Procession to Calvary). The paintings on the panels, which remind of Schongauer’s engravings, were probably found in 1676, when a Baroque altarpiece that can also be seen nowadays was made by Henter Ferenc in the sanctuary of the church. These paintings are presently hung on the walls of the nave.

In the 20th century, parts of a winged altarpiece were found, bearing an image of the crowning of Jesus with thorns, on one side, and the Procession to Calvary, on the other. It is presumed these images date from the end of the 14th century.

There is also a large oil painting, so called oath painting, made in 1767, by Stephanus Antal. It represents Christ on the cross, with small angels weeping above him.