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Unitarian Church


Szentábrahám is located at 6 km north from Cristuru-Secuiesc (Székelykeresztúr) laying in the widening valley basin of Gagy.

In the year of 1334 is mentioned by the first time in the writings as Sancto Abraham. At the place named Templomföld (“The Land of the Church”) was located the medieval predecessor of the Church, a church with murals which probably was built in the 13th century and demolished in 1802. After this the Unitarian Church was built between 1803 and 1811, which may be seen today.

The coffered ceiling of the new church in part (the western part) may have been transferred here from the old one, but that either cannot be older than the 18th Century.

Probably the old church was a contemporary to the bell which according to its upper case letters dates from the 14th Century. The inscription: „O REX GLORIE VENI CUM PACE.”  The bell is preserved nowadays at the National Museum Budapest.