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Weaving woman


The settlement is situated on the eastern side of Kézdi Chair, in the valley of Nagyág and Kopolnó Creek, under a forest. In the past the settlement was famous for its rich cherry productions. In the autumn of 1944, as a result of war events most of the settlement was ruined, therefore there are few old houses here. The Mária-Magdolna Church was built in 1819, and its tower bell was built in 1834.

Ojdula has many skillful trade men. You can find carpenters, smiths, stonemasons, car repairmen, locksmiths and traditional craftsmen. Amália Felcser, born in 1927, belongs to the latter group, and she weaves since her childhood. She sat behind the loom dated from 1910 with her mother and learnt the ins and outs of weaving. She married in 1947 and she works independently ever since. She makes mainly 2 and 4 shaft folk weaves.

Nowadays, people usually order towels, but she makes fabric for duvet, bedspreads, carpets and baize for man clothing. She managed to pass on the knowledge to her daughter.