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Wooden belfry


The official register of ancient monuments of Harghita County keeps a record of the belfry as an ancient monument, but we do not have an accurate data.

The carved gate supplied with the year 1799 may show when the belfry and gate was built, however it’s conceivable that the belfry stood on this area before that. The building which can be found on Church Street shows an unusual appearance in the Transylvanian relics, the gallery of the belfry it’s a structure of pine tree, the parapet is boarded and the upper half is slatted.

The ear shaped open bell house, outstanding from the tapered shingle roof has a specific character. The plain ear was propped up later with the covered skirt part, which serves like protection from the wind for the tree column and gives comfort for the sexton. The bell and the carved gate were renovated in 2010 with the support of the Harghita County Council and the “Kőlik” Traditional Association.

Over the times were made more interventions on the bell, the new ear received concrete fixing. They moved the double beam cross fixing the ear to the bell house from his original place. The shingle roof covering of the belfry was damaged and needed a replacement. In 2010 the building received a new shingled roof, and the timber was stabilized. Apart from the sacral function, the bell had and still has the role of alarm – connected to the life of the settlement – signals if somebody passed away or if it’s a wedding in the city.