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Orthodox Saint Nicholas Church


The Orthodox wooden church was built in 1795-97, in honor of St. Nicholas. It’s located on the eastern side of the town. The construction was built by masters from Bucovina. The historic building has high roof structure and it’s three-loped shaped with polygonal side apses. The church bell is also noteworthy. In 1837 the church was consecrated by the Romanian Bishop, Lemeny János, in honor of Saint Nicholas.

The fixtures of the church are valuable, among others the wall paintings - ten old icon, masterpieces of naïve painting. At the same time inside the church can be found priceless items, as the wooden chandelier carved from lime tree, four ceremonial crosses and the icons showing St. Nicholas. Inscriptions written in Cyrillic letters, dating from 1824 are available on the four columns of the church. On the pedestal of the stone altar-table can be read RONCAN in Cyrillic letters, which possibly is the founder’s name. This name is used in Bilbor in our days too.

At the end of the 19th century was raised a simple porch with carved pillars to the southern side of the building. The church was renovated several times over the years, a major restoration took place from 1973-74, after which in 1979, the church was re-consecrated by the Bishop of Alba Iulia, PS Emilian. A few years ago the church has undergone a recent extensive renovation. In the environment of the ancient monument can be seen tombs carved from stone. The wooden gate of the cemetery is also remarkable.